What clubs need to do

If after reading this information if your club is interested in the program, the next step is to fill out on line and submit to the committee a Club Expression of Interest Form 20019/20 Year. This alerts the committee to your interest and enables them to assist you when needed.

If the club proceeds they need to carry out the following steps.

  • Look at the Club Sponsorship Timeline Form
  • Select an enthusiastic member to be your club to be the club’s One & All student’s mentor.
  • If your club has elected to select their own student commence the search.
  • Download and look through the Student Application Form
  • Once suitable student is found interviewed and approved ensure their parents or guardians are happy for them to participate in the program.
  • If on the other hand if your club is in the situation where the committee is still searching for a student for you, because your club was unable to find a suitable one and it is now only 7 weeks to the commencement of the voyage, your club needs to fill in on line the Club Sponsorship Form 2019/20 Year and pay the sponsorship money.


Note if the committee does not find a suitable student for you your money will be returned to the club in full.


  • Ensure the student and their parents or guardians are willing to provide all the information required and to sign they agree with all the rules and requirements of the program.
  • Assist the student and their parent or guardian to complete their part of the student application form ensuring the student does this in their neatest handwriting.
  • Make sure the student supplies a suitable smiling head and shoulders photo of themselves for attachment to the form.
  • Ensure the student agrees to pay the $25 application fee and adds the receipt for the payment to the form.
  • Have the club complete the club details required on the form.
  • Ensure all items on the check list at the back of the form are completed and ticked off.
  • Scan the form and email it to Rotary Youth Sailing One & All Committee at youthsailingexperience@gmail.com
  • At this point a club needs to fill in on-line the Club Sponsorship Form 2019/20 Year and submit it with their sponsorship payment.
  • Once the student has been accepted by the committee the club will be notified by email and sent boarding information, times and location along with a student handbook detailing all they will need to know about the voyage.
  • The mentor should read the information and forward it on to their excited student.
  • The mentor should keep in touch with the student until the voyage commences. If possible invite the student to a club meeting to be introduced to the members.
  • Arrangements need to be made for the mentor to meet student and parents on the wharf for a little ceremony which takes place before the ship departs.
  • If possible the mentor or another club member should meet the One & All when it births at the voyage end on the Thursday afternoon to greet their returning student.
  • Arrangements need to be put in place for the student to come to the club as a guest speaker and tell the members of their experience and what they have gained from it.
  • Keep in touch with your student and perhaps involve them in other Rotary youth programs or Club events.
  • A final way a club can assist the program is by ordering copies of David’s book and selling them. This is very interesting reading and for every book sold $17 is donated by the author and publishers to the One & All  Proceeds from book sales are one of the ways we generate the additional $200 to cover the difference between the $900 clubs pay to sponsor and the $1,100 it costs to send a student on a Youth Development Voyage.




The cut-off date for sponsorship is 6 weeks before the voyage commences. At this point the One & All Committee needs to have —

  • the completed Club Application Form.
  • the completed Student Application Form.
  • the club sponsorship money.
  • the student’s $25 application fee


This may seem a little early, but there is a great deal of checking and preparation that needs to be done once the student and club details are finalized and emailed to the Youth Development Voyage One & All Committee.


As it is quite a lengthy process obtaining a student we strongly suggest you start the process some three months before the voyage commences.