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What clubs need to do

If your club is interested in the program, the next step is to fill out on line and submit to the committee a Club Expression of Interest Form

  • Look at the Club Sponsorship Timeline Form
  • Select an enthusiastic member to be your club’s One & All student’s mentor.
  • If your club has elected to select their own student commence the search. Interview suitable candidates; if approved ensure their parents or guardians are happy for them to participate in the program.
  • If your club seeks the organising Committee to find a candidate, please advise us early by submitting the Club Sponsorship Form

Note if the committee does not find a suitable student for you your money will be returned to the club in full.

A final way a club can assist the program is by ordering copies of David’s book and selling them. This is very interesting reading and for every book sold $17 is donated by the author and publishers to the One & All  Proceeds from book sales are one of the ways we generate the additional $150 to cover the difference between the $950 clubs pay to sponsor and the $1,100 it costs to send a student on a Youth Development Voyage.