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Club sponsoring timeline



  1. Taking the time the Youth Sailing Challenge begins as week 0 (W 0) we have labelled when the sponsorship tasks need to be done by counting the weeks back from departure eg. (W -6).Previous summer  –  Some preliminary investigation
    • Have a few of your key club people go on one of the Rotarian Twilight Sails on the One & All
    • Have your club’s youth committee look at the One & All Youth Sailing Challenge website (

    (W -12)  –  Selecting a student

    • Have the club decide if they will endeavour to locate their own student (the preferable course, using guidelines under “Student Eligibility and Selection’ on the website). If so, you should start looking unless you already have a student in mind.
    • Alternatively have the One & All Committee locate a participant for you.
    • Your club also needs to decide whether you may need help from another club with co-sponsoring.
    • Complete the Club Expression Of Interest On-line form, marking the club’s student selection and sponsoring preferences, and submit.
    • Select a club mentor for your student.

    (W -10)  –  Working with your student

    • First interview the student, (either the student the club has sourced or the one the Committee found for them) to ensure the club is happy with whom they have.
    • Have your club mentor assist the student with filling in the Student Application On-line Form ensuring it is complete and correct and the Student has completed the emailed attachment – in the student’s own handwriting
    • If the club was looking for their own student and did not find one, don’t give up there may still be time for the Committee to locate one for you

    (W -6) – Crunch Time

    • The Student Application form should have been completed.
    • Students has transferred their $25 deposit.
    • It is also time to complete the online Club Sponsorship On-line form and submit it.
    • At the same time transfer your Club’s sponsorship funds to the One & All bank account. (NB if your participant doesn’t actually sail, this is transferable or refundable)

    (W -3)  –  Getting close

    • About now the One & All or The Enterprize staff will have checked the student’s medical records etc. and will confirm your student’s final acceptance. They will send to the Mentor the Boarding Instructions and Voyage Manual for your student.
    • The Mentor to share the good news immediately with your excited student and email the literature provided. perhaps even pop around and deliver a printed copy.
    • Organise for the club’s Mentor – plus other interested members – to go to the Departure Ceremony on the wharf prior to the ship’s sailing to be with the student and their family.

    (W -0)  –  We are Sailing !

    • Have Club members there to wish your student ‘Bon Voyage’.
    • If possible have the club’s Mentor (or a substitute) to greet your student when the ship returns
    • Organise for your student to speak to your club of their experiences shortly after they return

    (W +1 on)  – Keeping in touch

    • It is very desirable for the club to keep in touch with their student and involve them in a few of your club’s projects. Generally they are keen to show their appreciation.
    • Consider sending your student on another of Rotary’s great youth programs.
    • They may even wish to sign on as a volunteer trainee crew all the One & All. A number of past students have done this.