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Enterprize (VIC) – Pre-Application


The Enterprise  sailing from Victoria Harbour,
Docklands, Vic – 2024/25 year   4-day voyages  

   Spring holidays – Sept 21- Sept 24   – 2024

   Summer holidays – Jan 4 – Jan 7   – 2025

   Autumn holidays – April 5 – Apr 8   – 2025

  Thankyou for your interest,

Many Rotary Clubs appreciate the value the program brings to the young program participants and hence our society.  These clubs will fundraise to cover this cost, or largely cover the cost (total amount $1,200), of a suitable young person’s participation.  We suggest you approach a Rotary Club in your area to see if they will assist you. 

You do not need to be top of your class.  We are looking for a wide variety of young people ranging from some in who had had a difficult start in life and are struggling to high achievers in private schools.

Please complete this preliminary form to indicate your interest.  We will answer any questions you may have and also email you and your parents or guardians the full application form.  This will most likely be done within one working day.  (Please contact us if you haven’t received an answer after two days.)

Ensure the email addresses given are the best ones for us to send all your information.

This section alerts us to who an applicant is and that you wish to participate in one of the 4 day voyages. It also gives us your contact details putting us in a position to help you or your parents or guardian if you need assistance or further information.

The Enterprize - pre-application form

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