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Sailing aboard the sail training vessel One & All (SA) or The Enterprize (Vic) on a 4 or 5-day training voyage is a dynamic personal development experience during which lifelong skills are learnt through challenge and adventure. It is an intensive work and social experience, where trainees are presented with the challenge of acquiring skills needed to operate a Tall Ship, safely, at sea. Meeting these challenges conveys a sense of achievement and self-worth.

The program’s objectives are to develop:

  •  self-esteem through confidence and a healthier respect for one’s self
  •  sensitivity to others as well as the physical environment
  •  team skills through an awareness of the inter-dependent nature of a community at sea under sail
  •  maturity gained by a positive attitude, self-discipline and the setting and achieving of goals
  •  a respect for the power of the sea and nature and the understanding this is power we cannot master but must work with.
  •  courage required to climb the rigging, while standing on foot ropes to furl the sails to spars some of which are the height of an eight story building above the sea.

Key elements one cannot walk away from are the challenges presented by the sea. Meeting these challenges is a highly motivating experience.

The trainees selected for each voyage reflect a broad cross section of the community. Trainees become part of the crew, joining one of the three watches tasked with keeping the ship operational 24 hours a day.

The Training Crew’s ultimate objective for the last two days at sea is to pass on to the trainees the responsibility of operating the ship and taking command of her while the permanent crew keep a watchful eye but only step in if really necessary. Safety is paramount on board and this is reflected in the ship’s excellent record. Full body harnesses are worn whenever the trainees are on watch, and they are clipped onto a safety system whenever there is rough weather or they leave the deck. Wet weather gear is also provided.



The successful completion of a 5-day youth development voyage on the One & All or The Enterprize  will count towards a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.  This award will gain SACE credits in a schooling year.  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is nationally and internationally recognized by employers as an indicator of a young person’s commitment to the activities undertaken, the community and their thorough and conscientious approach to tasks.