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One & All (SA) – Pre-Application


In the 2023/24  Rotary year the Rotary Youth Sailing Challenge will conduct six sail training events on two Tall Ships in school holidays, (for young people 15 up to 18 years of age).

One & All  sailing from Port Adelaide, South Australia – 5-day voyages

            Sun Oct 1st to Thurs 5th 2023

            Sun Apr 21st to Thurs 25th 2024

These Rotary sponsored voyages will present the participants with a unique set of challenges. Facing and overcoming these challenges is an incredibility effective way of developing valuable life skills as well as forging lasting friendships.

The “Student Application” is divided into three sections

“Student Pre-application”

This section alerts us to who an applicant is and that you wish to participate in one of the 5 day voyages. It also gives us your contact details putting us in a position to help if you need assistance or further information.

Please download the .pdf document using the link below which includes 4 individual pages for you to complete before you select the next section –  “Student Application Part 1”

This is a link for downloading the  .PDF  document.

This document outlines the “Rules and Requirements” – it contains –

  • participants and the parent or guardian need to sign to confirm agreement.  
  • a page where you (the applicant) are required, in your neatest handwriting, to tell us in 100 words why you want to go on a Youth Sailing Challenge and what benefits you hope to gain which warrants Rotary sponsoring you.
  • a $25 application fee is required with each application (should the applicant be unsuccessful this money will be returned). Bank details are given for transferal of the fee and the date the transaction is done.
  • Plus any Rotary sponsorship information you have made contact with.

When this document is completed,  select Application Forms, and then select ‘Student Application pt 1’.

Upload the document as instructed and complete the questions and submit the required parts of this form.

If you have any difficulty, please contact your school or local library.

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