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A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience an amazing five days at sea – an experience which will reshape your outlook forever and change your future.

The carefully structured Sailing training voyage will help develop visionary leadership skills. Learn what you could gain from the program.

For Rotarians this is an opportunity to reinvigorate your club. Engage young communities and families into your club and grow your alumni.

An opportunity for corporate leaders to help sponsor a lasting and profound involvement within the community.

Benefit from significant publicity and exposure Rotary is able to give to organisations that support the program.


Sailing aboard a sail training vessel on a 5-day training voyage is a dynamic personal development experience during which lifelong skills are learnt through challenge and adventure.  It is an intensive work and social experience, where trainees are presented with the challenge of acquiring skills needed to operate a Tall Ship, safely, at sea.  Meeting these challenges conveys a sense of achievement and self-worth.


The five day training program sailing a tall ship is designed to challenge the recipients in ways they could not experience ashore. From the moment they set foot on board their life changes quite dramatically in a number of ways.


“It was found that the program provided the framework for personal development through participant interaction with the sailing environment. Participants were responsible not only for themselves, but for the care and safety of others; thus the intensity of the interdependent community led to a strong social experience. Key elements in the success of the program included the restricted physical environment and hence the inability to walk away, the development of the learning environment by the crew, and specifically the recruitment of crew through the volunteer association, thereby selecting enthusiastic, committed people with the personality types most suited to facilitation and guidance.”

                                                                                                                                                                                  Catherine Rogers BBSc