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Club Sponsorship – The Enterprize (VIC)

Club Officer's Address

The following funds have been sourced ($1,200 required)

Club commitment

(In the case of a shortfall) “The club feels we have a very worthy student who will benefit greatly from the experience, we would ask if possible a commercial sponsor pay the shortfall.
We have sourced a student
Has Student completed on-line application
Parent/guardian’s permission given (if applicable)

Price: $40.00

MM slash DD slash YYYY

1. When this online form is completed and submitted a confirmation copy will be automatically emailed to you. Please check your emails for the copy.

2. Once the emailed confirmation is received, email a copy to your club treasurer as an official invoice with a request for prompt payment observing the instructions below in 3 below.

3. Treasurer - pay by direct debit tagged with club name (shortened if necessary) followed by The Enterprize (e.g. “Gawler Lt Enterprize) to Bendigo Bank BSB 633-000 Account Number 156 948 473

4. Fill in the boxes below with the amount the Treasurer is to pay and the date you plan to email the confirmation to the treasurer.

MM slash DD slash YYYY

Note: If you have requested the Committee’s help in sourcing a student and they are unable to do so to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded in full - Last day for payment 4 weeks before voyage commences

When this online form is completed, press the “Submit” button below and wait for a confirmation copy to be emailed to you. Email a copy to your Treasurer requesting they carefully observe the payment instructions in 2 and 3 above.