If you feel you comply with the requirements –

  • approach a person who knows you well and ask them to recommend you.
  • Then either
    • if you know of someone in a Rotary Club in your area, ask them to see if their club will consider sponsoring you.
    • if the club agrees they will want to interview you, so do a little preparation.
    • If after the interview and the club confirms they will sponsor you, proceed to fill in the Student Application form. The club will assist you.  Remember it must be done in your neatest handwriting.
    • Proceed carefully, you will find it is not hard. Get a nice smiling head and shoulders photo of yourself.  You may wonder why there is so much detail on the medical form but remember you will be at sea for several days cut off from doctors and hospitals.  Of course in a real emergency, you could be airlifted off but if the crew and captain know all of your medical history, they will be in the best position to see you receive the most appropriate care.
  • Or alternatively
  • if you have no contact with a Rotary Club or have been unable to secure club sponsorship but your teacher or someone who knows you well recommends you as a suitable young person, you may proceed directly to filling out the application form. Tick the box asking the committee to find a club to sponsor you if they feel you are a suitable candidate.
  • When the form is fully completed and signed where required, preferably have it scanned and emailed to the email address given. If you cannot find any way to scan the form, it is permissible to mail it.
  • Be as early as possible submitting your application ideally three months before the commencement of the voyage. This will improve your chance of having a club sponsor you.  No form can be accepted after the closing date –