The benefit of the program to each of the trainees is huge and in many cases life-changing. Many of the lessons they will learn will continue to benefit them forever and include —–

  • Learning to work together as a team.
  • Not only learning discipline but understanding the need for it.
  • Overcoming fear to be able to climb and work at heights in the moving rigging.
  • For many a challenge will be that of coping with and overcoming the debilitating effects of sea sickness. Before the end of the voyage virtually all students achieve this and are keen to sail again.
  • Keeping things tidy and Ship Shape and the advantage of doing so are very useful accomplishments they learn.
  • They learn self-discipline by forcing themselves to carry out the many challenging tasks they encounter like climbing out of their warm bunks in the middle of a cold and stormy night to go on watch, working on the moving deck at times doused with icy spray.
  • The difficulties of working with a group of other young people and the crew in very close quarters 24 hours a day for five days develops patience and understanding.


Overcoming all these problems and learning the complexities of handling and controlling their 200 tonne ship are huge accomplishments which bring with it many life lessons and a great boost to their self-confidence.

The trainees form strong and lasting friendships working together in hard, difficult and tiring situations.

The sight of a starry night sky brighter than they have ever seen before or witnessing a pod of dolphins playing in the vessel’s wake as it surges forward, watching a sunrise over the ocean in the early dawn – these are all sights which in many of the trainees generates a deep and lasting appreciation of nature.