Assisting a student to go on a 5 day Youth Development Voyage on the One & All is a wonderful opportunity for businesses to help young people reach their full potential in a way no other short-term experience could.  Helping this project will enable you and your shareholders to know your promotional dollars are being spent in a way that will not only bring huge benefits to young people’s lives, it will also develop the good future leaders our country so badly needs.  The Voyage gives them the maturity and skills needed to better serve our community throughout their lives.


The students are —

  • 15 to under 19 years of age
  • young people showing the potential to really achieve but needing a little help. This help could be gaining self-confidence, learning how to work as a team or understanding the need and benefit of discipline
  • who without sponsorship are unlikely to be able to go on a Youth Development Voyage on the One & All
  • who have not previously been on a 5 day Youth Development Voyage on the One & All



Helping through Rotary gives businesses the assurance the program has been thoroughly planned and ethically executed with all the appropriate protection and safety measures in place. It also gives a business valuable wide-spread recognition in a way only Rotary can.


Every student that goes on a development voyage will be associated with a Rotary club and given a Rotary mentor. After the Voyage has concluded the students will attend a meeting of their club and talk to them about their experiences and the challenges they faced and what effect overcoming these challenges has had on their lives.


This most outstanding program in the long run provides immense benefit not just to the individual students sponsored but to our whole community.