How can Rotary clubs be involved in this wonderful program that changes lives?

There are a number of ways clubs can help

The maximum benefit a club can give is to select, sponsor, and mentor a suitable young person to go on a 5 day Youth Development Voyage on the STV One & All.

Selection is best done by talking to a teacher at a school the Club works with or the leader of a local church, sporting or scout group to see if they know of a suitable young applicant they can recommend who fills the following criteria –

  • applicant is 15 and under 19 years of age.
  • a young person with potential to achieve but needs a little help. This help could be gaining self-confidence learning how to work as a team or understanding the need for discipline.
  • who without sponsorship is unlikely to be able to go on a Youth Development Voyage on the One & All.
  • who has not previously been on a 5 day Youth Development Voyage on the One & All.

If a young person is referred to a club as a suitable candidate, it is strongly recommended the Club interview that student themselves to ensure they also feel they are a suitable and worthy candidate.

  • Once the club has selected a candidate they should appoint a mentor to meet with the student and become the liaison between the student and the club
  • The next step is for the mentor to download the Rotary Youth Sailing Information Pack and Youth Voyage Application from x x x x on this website and give it to the student
  • The mentor should then guide the student in completing the Youth Voyage Application using their neatest handwriting and then assist them to navigate the online payment of the $25 student application fee.
  • The final step is for the club to complete the appropriate sections of the Club Application Form located at x x x x on this website, pay the sponsorship fee and email both the student application form and the club application form back to the Rotary Youth Sailing One & All


Some clubs may be enthusiastic and keen to be involved in the program but are not able to find a suitable student to sponsor.

These clubs can ask the Youth Sailing One & All Committee to source a suitable student for them. We, through the One & All staff, have contacts with teachers and youth leaders in organisations that appreciate the value of a young person’s going on a Youth Development Voyage on the STV One & All and are looking out for bright young people that would greatly benefit from the experience.

  • It is often possible for us to locate a student that lives or goes to school near the Rotary club.
  • Students we recommend will have paid their application fee and satisfactorily completed the Youth Voyage Application with the exception of naming their sponsoring club. We will send the student’s form to you.
  • We always recommend if a club considers sponsoring a student we have sourced, the club themselves interviews that student to ensure they are happy with our selection.
  • If a club is considering taking part in the program and asking us for a student, they need to complete the appropriate sections of the Club Application Form and email it back to the Rotary Youth Sailing One & All The club sponsorship fee does not need to be paid until a student has been accepted
  • Once the Committee has given the club a student and they are happy with them they need to appoint a mentor for the student.
  • The final step is for the club to pay the club sponsorship fee then fill in the student’s details on the Club Application Form and the club details on the Student Application Form re-emailing both now complete forms to the Rotary Youth Sailing One & All


There may be clubs who would very much like to be involved in the program but do not have sufficient funds for a full sponsorship. Such clubs can share sponsorship with another club each paying $450.

Some clubs may know of another club which will join with them to sponsor. If this is the case two clubs can carry on with the process in the same way as a single club would do.

If a club does not have another club to share with they can, by filling in the appropriate sections on the club application form, send this to the Youth Sailing One & All Committee who will endeavour to find a club to match them.

Once this has been done the clubs proceed in the same way as a single club would.


A final way a club can assist the program is by ordering copies of David’s book and selling them.  This is very interesting reading and for every book sold $17 is donated by the author and publishers to the One & All program.

Proceeds from book sales are one of the ways we generate the additional $200 to cover the difference between the $900 clubs pay to sponsor and the $1,100 it costs to send a student on a Youth Development Voyage.


The cut-off date for sponsorship is 5 weeks before the voyage commences. At this point the One & All Committee needs to have —

  • the completed Club Application Form.
  • the completed Student Application Form.
  • the Club sponsorship money.
  • the student’s $25 application fee

This may seem a little early, but there is a great deal of checking and preparation that needs to be done once the student and club details are finalized and emailed to the Youth Development Voyage One & All Committee.

As it is quite a lengthy process obtaining a student we strongly suggest you start the process some three months before the voyage commences.

The following Clubs have been involved in student sponsorship for the voyages as indicated. We acknowledge their support of this great program