The One & All invites and encourages all trainee graduates to utilize their experiences and the skills they have gained by becoming volunteer crew themselves. This is a great way to pass on what they have learnt to others in their age group. They have regular training days to enable graduate trainees to gain extra skills to step up to be an assistant watch leader. Their sea time will be recorded and count should they later look for a career in the maritime industry. An added benefit to volunteering on the One & All is that it looks great on a CV when applying to schools, colleges and universities and in the future for jobs.

There are also other Rotary programs which Rotary will keep you informed about and which you are eligible to apply for.

Rotary will pay all of the voyage costs for selected students. All applicants, however, are required to pay a $25 applications fee (refundable if you are not selected). In addition to the cost of the actual voyage, Rotary sponsorship also includes the cost of
• all meals and accommodation on board
• STV One and All Voyage Handbook
• sail handling, navigation & ship husbandry training
• use of heavy wet weather clothing protection and safety harnesses
• event shirt
• Achievement Award certificate presented on the deck of ship at end of voyage


Rotary is looking to sponsor young people 15 to under 19 years of age who on the recommendation of someone who knows them well, e.g. a teacher, a sporting coach, a scout or similar leader believes they are

• a young person who will benefit significantly from the challenging experience
• someone who without sponsorship would not have been able to participate
• a young person who has not previously been on a One & All development voyage