For companies prepared to offer a little more help on a regular basis we offer Gold Sponsorship. Gold Sponsorship is offered for $2000 on the understanding that it will be an ongoing annual commitment.

Companies willing to do this will, in addition to the other benefits received as a Silver Sponsor, will —

  • have their gold status recognised on their logo placed on our website home page
  • receive a prominent acknowledgement that they are a gold sponsor on the sponsor’s listing page on our website and in all of our publicity
  • be given a complimentary double ticket on one of the One & All 5 hour Twilight sails we organise for sponsors and Rotary Club representatives.

These short return cruises are famous for their gourmet food, cooked in the galley, food which is served throughout the sail. The ship will cruise down the Port River into the Gulf.

On board helping to sail the ship will be some of our students from a recent training voyage. Once we get to open water those brave enough to look up will see the students climbing the rigging and setting the sails, walking out on foot ropes strung below the yards a dizzying 80 feet above the swirling sea. When on deck these young sailors are happy to talk to you about their adventures and the skills they learnt on their recent training voyage.

Additional tickets will be available for purchase if wanted – current price $115.