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Club Officer's Address
Club will sponsor
We have sourced a student
Student's application attached
Parent/guardian’s permission given
Student has submitted an application
MM slash DD slash YYYY
We will pay $475 & partner Club name
Price: $40.00
MM slash DD slash YYYY
We will also support RYWELL sending an at-risk student on a five day voyage with a contribution of
MM slash DD slash YYYY
MM slash DD slash YYYY

1. When this online form is completed, submit one copy.

2. Forward second copy as an Official Invoice to your Club Treasurer with a request for prompt payment Amount $ ………………….. Date submitted to the treasurer ……./…..../..…..

MM slash DD slash YYYY

3. Treasurer - pay by direct deposit tagged with club name (shortened if necessary) followed by “1All” (e.g. “Gawler Lt 1All”) to Bank SA BSB 105-029 Account Number 089 338 540

Note: If you have requested the Committee’s help in sourcing a student and they are unable to do so to your satisfaction, your money will be refunded in full - Last day for payment 4 weeks before voyage commences

When you have completed this form, please check your email for a confirmation copy to be sent to you. Please then 'forward this email to your Treasurer.